Our People

Jeffrey J. Gibson MD

The Founder

RxGenesys is the brainchild of Jeffrey Gibson MD., an American Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon specialized in cellular regeneration. Throughout his 30 years of practice he realized the physical and emotional damage that his cancer patients were experiencing after months of chemotherapy. In his quest to help them improve the quality of their deteriorated and rapidly-aging skin because of the treatment, Dr. Gibson combined his experience in cellular research and skin regeneration with the knowledge of some of the most prominent scientists in the field. The result: a technology so groundbreaking, it transcends to a global scale, where powerful wound healing and regenerative applications have the potential to change lives.

Kirsty Barany

The Entrepreneur

Married to Dr Gibson, Kirsty was privy to the extraordinary results he was achieving with his patients. If it worked so well on damaged skin she wondered what it could do for healthier skin. After observing the remarkable results herself, she partnered with Dr Gibson to bring this new amazing breakthrough to the market. With over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in fields ranging from technology to manufacturing and owning a marketing agency, she turned their vision into reality.

Rainer Barany

The Senior Strategist

With the challenge of competing in the American market, Kirsty turned to her father and long time business partner, Mr Rainer Barany, a business veteran with over 50 years of experience in international trade and senior management. Mr Barany became the third founding partner, not only overseeing the financial department, but providing strategic guidance to the venture.

Thuan Le

Director of Business Development

Mr Le joins the RxGenesys team as director of business development to Lead the strategic initiatives of RxGenesys in the identification and execution of various transactions including pipeline acquisitions or investments, licensing agreements, joint ventures and asset sales. Mr Le lead diligence processes, conduct strategic and competitive landscaping, assist in the negotiation of deal terms and enable management to achieve inorganic growth initiatives.

Omar Vargas

Director of Operations

Mr Vargas is at the heart of RxGenesys. As director of operations Mr Vargas coordinates and optimizes all processes associated to the sourcing of raw materials, production of final products, logistics, fulfillment and call center operations. Mr Vargas has worked with the Barany family for over 17 years in several ventures.

Galia Sandres

Director of Product Development

(Consultant) With over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry and holding the title of Director of business development for brands like L’Oreal in Paris and Clarins in USA, Ms Sandres joins the RxGenesys team to head the cosmetic retail division. Her network and expertise has not only guided RxGenesys in the development of new products, brands and retail networks, but is also preparing the company for the global stage